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Rixos Bonus: A Loyalty Program by Rixos Hotels to Motivate Travel Agents and Sales Managers'

Rixos Bonus is a loyalty program created by Rixos Hotels to motivate and reward travel agents and sales managers. This program stands out with its exceptional privileges and opportunities offered to industry professionals. Rixos Bonus rewards employees by accumulating points for each reported reservation and provides them with exclusive benefits.

Travel agents and sales managers earn points through the Rixos Bonus program for every reservation made at Rixos Hotels. The number of points earned is calculated based on factors such as the specific hotel, check-in date, and room type. These points grant access to various advantages offered by the program.

One of the significant advantages of Rixos Bonus is the ability to use points in the "Rixos Store" on the Rixos Bonus website. Members can redeem their accumulated points for complimentary accommodation promotions and other rewards. This allows program members to enjoy free or discounted stays at Rixos Hotels, making their vacations more affordable and providing them with an exclusive experience.

The Rixos Bonus program offers a customized approach to motivate travel agents and sales managers. It encourages them to prioritize Rixos Hotels, attracting more customers and generating higher revenue. The program's advantages and rewards also assist travel agents in providing more attractive offers to their clients, strengthening collaboration.

Flexibility and additional benefits are also key features of Rixos Bonus. Accumulated points can be used to make payments for future reservations. This flexibility enables travel agents and sales managers to continue benefiting from the program while planning and booking future trips.

In conclusion, Rixos Bonus is a loyalty program established by Rixos Hotels to motivate and reward travel agents and sales managers. By accumulating points and offering various advantages, the program supports industry professionals while contributing to the growth and success of Rixos Hotels. Rixos Bonus strengthens its position in the industry by providing travel agents and sales managers with exclusive privileges, fostering a mutually beneficial collaboration.
Customer Rixos Hotels
Date 01.11.2020
Category B2B Loyalty System
Country Global
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